What you need to know about DIRECTV packages

What you need to know about DIRECTV packages

DIRECTV is one of the best satellite tv providers in the industry. With some of the best bundled services, they combine your telephone line and internet bills together to make paying bills easier. They are partnered with AT&T which means that their internet services are very reliable.

However, for first time users, it can be a little hard to know what to expect in terms of what DIRECTV has to offer. If you don’t know a thing about directv packages and what they offer, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here are a couple of things you need to know regarding their satellite tv services and the basis of their directv package prices.

No Overages: When you bundle your AT&T Unlimited Plus with DIRECTV, you can stream unlimited shows and movies and not worry about paying any overage charges. They offer wireless plans and unlimited speed. However, there’s a data cap of 22GB. When you cross that,your speed may be less. On the bright side however, you don’t have to pay extra and can keep streaming for as long as you like without worrying about any extra charges. You also get a $25 monthly credit for the first three months with bundled plans.

No Contracts: The best part about DIRECTV services is that you don’t have to commit to any contracts. You can stick with them as long as you like and can cancel anytime you desire. You can stream live TV shows and get access to 10,000+ on-demand titles. Additionally, there’s no equipment needed for the setup and you don’t have to worry about paying equipment fees.

Available Add-Ons: Premium content is the stellar side of DIRECTV packages. Whether you love music, news, sports, kids channels, entertainment, infotainment, or international content, various add ons are available. You can customize your subscription and pick the channels you like. Every package comes with different channels and if you don’t like or want certain channels, you can remove them from your subscription and lower your monthly bill.

There are also premium movie channels available alongside local channels. You can get access to local news and sports, plus enjoy the benefits of watching HD movies whenever you like. There’s no end to entertainment and customization for binge watchers where DIRECTV is concerned.

Recording Features: DIRECTV’s Genie HD DVR which comes bundled with their services can record up to 200 hours of premium content, movies, and TV shows. You no longer have to worry about missing another show ever again. You can also record live streaming shows.

2-Year Combined Guarantee

When you combine your AT&T subscription with your DIRECTV or DIRECTV NOW plans, your bill is combined for two years. You will pay the same directv package prices for bundled services. This can be convenient for new users.

Opting for DIRECTV can be quite advantageous. Be sure to check it out this year.