Starting your own home furnishing business

Starting your own home furnishing business

You love decorating homes, but don’t have a design degree? Or you have a design degree, but haven’t yet utilized it professionally? Either way, it is never too late to begin a home furnishing business, if this is your area of interest.

Here are some steps you can take to sell your own home furnishing products!

Make a business plan. Research licensing requirements for a small business or a home-based business in your state. Purchase necessary permits and insurance policy and get started.

– Begin with the type of home furnishing products you want to make and sell and how much capital you might need for the same. Determine if you want to make specific home dcor products only or cater to other spaces like the patio, garden, office, nursery etc.

– Depending on the size and scale of the business, you may want to do all the work yourself or outsource some or most of the work to other companies and focus your work solely on designing your ware. You can decide on either alternative depending on your budget, availability and time.

– You may also want to think how and where to sell your home furnishing products. This step is necessary to define your business plan. You can sell through retail stores in your area that deal in decorating products or partner with a few ecommerce stores for the same.

Calculate your investment needs in terms of all legal requirements, inventory, storage, and marketing and selling.

– Do you have space at home for all your business work or would you need to lease a separate space for your workshop or warehousing needs?

– Do you want to invest in a website? Or for now, you can make do with just social media pages and other local promotional activities?

– Do you wish to design and sell on demand? Or cater to your creativity and professional skills and craft your own home furnishing product line?

Decide on a business name, logo, packaging and your business niche.

– Think of a creative, but apt name that will not only generate interest, but also instantly tell people what the nature of your business is. However, simple is often better when it comes to business names.

– Keep your cost for logo and packaging to the minimum. If your products are creative and useful, you won’t need fancy and costly packaging for the same.

– There are many home furnishing products and it is not realistic for every new entrepreneur to deal in all. If you love textiles, you can begin with designing or making (or both) cushion covers, table mats and sheets for beds. If you like making small utility items that also look great, you can start your business with decorating products such as ceramic ware (vases, kitchen items, and napkin holders), stained glass items or custom products.

Whatever you decide, if you love decorating, selling your own range of home furnishing products can be very rewarding.