Points to help compare business laptops based on the operating system

Points to help compare business laptops based on the operating system

Choosing from the best business laptops is not an easy task as there are many variants of laptops available in the market today. Some factors can however help narrow down the choice include:

The size: The display size can give a lot of clues in case the requirement is that of a portable laptop.

  • Laptops with screen sizes between 11 to 12 inches are the lightest and thinnest systems. There dimensions are limited to this size and they can weigh anywhere between 2.5 to 3.5 pounds.
  • If the chosen model weighs under 4 pounds, a laptop with the dimensions that fall between 13 to 14 inches provide the best balance of portability, battery life and ease of usage.
  • Weighing between 4.5 to 6.5 pounds, 15 inches size laptops are by far the most popular. Not too good for portability but still portable enough, this screen size makes for decent best business laptops purchase.
  • For a machine that offers good processing power for work station level productivity, a machine with dimensions of 17 to 18 inches works well, when placed on a desk for all day use.

Platform: Chrome, Windows or Mac?

Almost all of the laptops available in the market come with an operating system that is either Windows, Mac or Chrome. One can use any of these for best business laptops, but the features can vary and affect the working at different levels.

Chrome OS: The Lenovo 100S Chromebook that comes with Google’s Operating System is a good example of the inexpensive “Chrome books.” Its user interface is very similar to that of Windows, as it too has a desktop, an application menu, and the capability that lets the user drag windows around. The main app of use is the Chrome browser but the main disadvantage of using it is that many web applications are unable to work properly offline.

Chrome books have established themselves in the market as highly portable, inexpensive best business laptops, especially for basic use like checking emails, web surfing, using social media and online chatting, all of it coupled with a good battery life in terms of best small business laptop.

MacOS: MacOS Sierra is the latest OS brought out by Apple, and this operating system runs across all MacBooks. In terms of similarity of function, it is very similar to Windows 10. The main difference is in the user interface, since the macOS has an interface that substitutes an apps dock at the bottom of the main desktop screen. In case of Microsoft OS, this is replaced by the Start menu and taskbar by Microsoft. In place of the Cortana digital assistant, Apple has Siri.

Windows: Windows 10 operating system is known to be one of the most flexible operating systems in terms of available customizations and features. Windows operating systems offer features like dual graphics chips, touch screens and fingerprint readers and these fall in a price range of $150 to several thousands of dollars.


In terms of setting a budget for the best business laptops, one can get best small business laptop for a price range that falls between $150 to $250. For example, the least-expensive notebooks are either Chrome books, which run Google’s OS or Windows systems that come with minimal storage and are low end. Lenovo Idea pad 100S and the HP Stream, the processors are slow too.

To make for a good machine in a decent price range, a laptop with an Intel Core i5 or AMD A8 CPU, 4 to 8GB of RAM, and a 500GB hard drive can be bought between the price tag of $350 to $600.