Pet photography tips for natural clicks

Pet photography tips for natural clicks

Pets are always a beloved subject to shoot, and there is a lot that a photographer can do to for clicking some of the best pet photographs. Although capturing the furriest member of the family is a huge challenge in itself, but with the right knowledge, skills, and techniques you can get a great shot.

Here are 3 pet photography tips for beginners, which can help to get the perfect click.

Be patient with the pets
Photographing pets is not at all a simple task. You need a lot of patience to photograph them and you need to prepare beforehand and plan your shots accordingly. They aren’t going to give you a winning shot just the moment you step in to click them. But it will follow a process and you need to spend some time with them, let them play, get them treats and photograph while they are at play. If you want to photograph a pet, then a good degree of patience is the key here. Shooting at the pet’s eye level is important. This works best when you use single point autofocus on one of the eyes of the pet. By using a fast shutter speed, you can freeze a motion of the animal, and also use a flash if needed.

Try getting the click with a bounced flash
A flash will help in freezing the motion. However, the primary aim is not to use the direct flash. An external hot shoe flash is good to use and try bouncing the light off the wall. At the same time, you can also purchase a diffuser in order to not be so harsh. But a bounced flash is the right pick. If the pet isn’t startled by the flash, then don’t be afraid to use one. In case if your pet isn’t comfortable and gets frightened with flash, then avoid using it.

Let their eyes be the focus
Whenever you are clicking a portrait, whether of a human or pet, the focus should always be on the eyes. This helps in adding personality and depth to the entire picture. By using a single point auto focus you’ll be able to get the desired result, which lets the focus shift to whichever part you want to highlight. The auto focus setting can be seen on the camera menu. Since every camera model is different, one has to check the camera’s manual setting for this particular setting.