Here’s what goes into making that Columbia jacket

Here’s what goes into making that Columbia jacket

Columbia is a preferred sportswear brands in the USA among people who have active lifestyles. The primary objective of the brand is to create outerwear for outdoor activities, for every kind of weather. The advancement of technologies which add functionality in Columbia garments includes breath-ability, water-resistance, and unparalleled durability. The company tests their clothing in harsh conditions so that is it apt for the wearer and the conditions he/she chooses the specific piece of clothing for.

Some of the technology that Columbia uses in its jackets are:

This type of jackets is waterproof, and the fabric is breathable meaning perspiration can easily wick away.

Omni-heat Reflective
This technology aims to regulate the wearer’s temperature with special silver-colored dots that aid in retaining the body heat by reflecting it. As with moisture-wicking, it can keep the skin dry.

If you are looking for something that is breathable and lightweight while still being waterproof, then this Columbia jacket is right for you.

Omni-wind Block
This jacket is both water and windproof, but it is extremely breathable.

It has the power to repel water and dirt from fabric, which saves it from becoming stained.

Even on hot days, the special yarn of this fabric will help in keeping the fabric dry even on hot and humid days.

Omni-freeze Zero
The construction of this type of fabric can release heat to a significant extent and maintain coolness, offering comfort.

Omni-wick Evap
This jacket has a fast-wicking technology which takes away moisture from the body and expels it out. This keeps you dry, and prevents sweat from making you wet and cold.

This type of jackets is highly breathable and waterproof. Even if there are any possible water entry points, it is sealed through lamination.

Insect blocker
It has an invisible protection which will shield you from the insect attack even after repeated washes.

This fabric is thoroughly tested and proven to block the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Some of these technologies go into the making of the interior of the jackets, while others are used for the construction of the outer shell. The waterproof technologies are typical of the outer shell while the moisture wicking technology is meant for the layer found right next to the skin.

Columbia jackets are available in different types and styles which vary according to the occasion and the weather. Choose the right type for your activities and climate, and ensure you remain dry, warm, and protected from the environment.

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