Different Phone Plans by Cricket Wireless

Different Phone Plans by Cricket Wireless

Wanting to change your cell phone service provider in the country? Cricket Cell Phone offers a range of plans and any one of these will surely suffice your present and future needs. Below are listed some of the recommended Cricket Cell Phone plans which you can opt for if you are looking for availing Cricket Cell Phone service.

Talk and Text Service
This Cricket Cell Phone Plan is available for users who do not have access to a smartphone or are looking forward to availing a cheap talk and text service for their smartphone. This plan is available for $25 per month and does not include any kind of data access. Through this plan, the users of the Cricket Cell Phone can avail of unlimited calls and text across the country. Features like call waiting, call forwarding and three-way calling are also available in this talk and text service. HD voice calling is also admissible in this phone.

2GB High-Speed Data Plan
Cricket Cell Phone plans also include the 2GB high-speed data plans which are applicable if you are a smartphone user. This 2GB high-speed data access plan has a speed up to 4G LTE and which reduces in case the 2GB data is used up. The users can perform a range of activities with this Cricket Cell Phone plan. These include streaming videos up to 90 minutes, music can be streamed up to 14 hours, web surfing can also be done for up to 14 hours and up to 2,000 emails with attachment can be added with this 2GB data. This plan costs $30 per month for any user.

5GB High-Speed Data Plan
The $40 a month Cricket Cell Phone plan will provide the user with 5GB of high-speed data with speed up to 4G LTE. However, this speed reduces when the 5GB data gets used up. With this plan in place, the users can make unlimited calls, send text and picture messages across the country. 5 hours of standard video can be streamed with this 5GB high-speed data. The users can also stream 35 hours of music when this plan is being used. Web surfing is one of the main features for which any high-speed data plan is used. This plan allows for 135 hours of web surfing. Over 50 download including that of apps, games, and songs can be performed with this high-speed data. Those who use social media actively will find this plan to be of utmost use since they will be able to post up to 500 photos to the social media sites with help of this plan. Over 5,000 emails with or without attachments can be sent or received when this plan is being used.

Cricket Unlimited 2 Plan
If you wish to enjoy unlimited access to the Internet and wish to make unlimited calls across the country, the Cricket Cell Phone $50 a month plan would be the best for you. This plan allows for unlimited data access with speeds up to 3 Mbps. You will also enjoy video streaming at SD quality when Cricket Unlimited 2 Plan is being used. Unlimited calls, picture message, and text across the country can be sent with this plan in place. Enjoy unlimited fun with this mobile plan in place since it allows for unlimited streaming of videos, unlimited music streaming, unlimited web surfing, unlimited downloads and unlimited emails with attachments.

All these Cricket Cell Phone plans come with a monthly limit and every month you will need to recharge to enjoy these benefits. These plans are applicable across the country and in case you are a visitor who is making a short time visit to relatives and friends in the country, you can enjoy unlimited connectivity by taking any of the above-listed Cricket Cell Phone plans which will make life easier and better for you to manage. Get connected and enjoy the talk.