Getting a look at comparison of best phone plans

Getting a look at comparison of best phone plans

An insight to various cell phone plans prevailing in the market and a summary of Cell Phone Plan Comparison depending upon the usage amongst different age groups.

Demographic comparison:
Cell phone plans for kids and teens
– ‘Family plans’ are recommended for kids and teens which facilitate parents to monitor and control the cell phone usage of their kids.
Suppose the carrier is Sprint. It can have a plan name ‘Unlimited Plan – Free for one year if you switch.’ It offers unlimited national talk time, data and text and is recommended for people who need unlimited usage. It costs about $ 51.96 on an upfront basis.

A carrier like AT&T offers monthly plans named AT&T $30 Monthly Plan with unlimited nationwide talk and text along with 1Giga Byte full speed data. It is a prepaid plan costing about $30 and $0.99 upfront.

Cell phone plans for Senior citizens– Typical pocket-friendly ‘pay-as-you-go plans’ are designed for seniors with lesser talk minutes and text as compared to other standard plans. Cell phone carrier Republic Wireless offers the Republic Wireless Small that offers 1Giga Byte data with unlimited text and minutes and suits tech savvy people at the cost of $ 20 per month.

Carrier T mobile offer the T – Mobile Basic Monthly plan that offers 100 minutes and 5GB high-speed data and unlimited texts. It is considered one of the best data plans with lesser minutes at the rate of $ 30 per month.

Cell phone plans for business – Unlimited plans for large business groups.
Verizon offers a flexible Business Plans with unlimited data, text, and talk, which can be connected to an unlimited number of devices at the rate $ 105 per month for 10 Giga Bytes.

AT &Toffers the AT&T unlimited Plus for the business that offers unlimited talk and text options along with 10Giga Bytehigh-speed tethering and High Definition video streaming that is recommended for additional lines and devices that can be connected to additional charges at the cost of $ 40 per month per line.

Compare the various Cell Phone plans mentioned above and select the best plan suitable to your requirements.